Hair Care

Panache Shikkakai Shampoo for Oily Hair enriched with Neem & Aloe

Shikkakai Shampoo enriched with Neem and Aloe Vera for oily hair adds natural luster to hair. This shampoo retains the natural oils of the hair keeping healthy. It reduces hair loss and adds volume to the hair.

Shikkakai literally means ‘fruit for hair’. Shikkakai is mild cleanser and conditioner, which removes dirt without striping natural oils. The qualities of Shikakai help in keeping the hair healthy and lustrous and help in preventing hair fall thus enabling the hair to grow in length and volume. During summer, Shikakai helps to stay fresh and cool and also retains the needed moisture on scalp. It provides immunity from any kind of fungal infection and lice problems, thereby giving the hair maximum health.

Neem is best to treat scalp problems and hair loss.The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of Neem help to treat scalp acnes, itchy scalp, dandruff and hair fall efficiently. Neem is good for hair growth and it promotes blood circulation in your scalp. Apart from conditioning your hair, Neem’s antiseptic properties would keep scalp problems away.

The scalp absorbs the benefits of Aloe Vera up to 7 layers deep and provides deep conditioning to the scalp. The amino acids present in Aloe Vera add strength and luster to the hair thereby enhances the beauty and suppleness of the hair. It softens, fortifies and rejuvenates by flushing out the dirt particles and bacteria from the scalp.

Product Ingredients