Bath & Body Care

Coco Fresh Luxury Soap

A royal herbal soap primarily made of Cocoa Butter, which is the extracted fat from cocoa beans. Cocoa Butter is a natural antioxidant that that will keep skin extremely supple, moisturized and revitalized. The distinctly rich aroma and smoothness that resembles that of original chocolate makes it the richest, popular and most moisturizing soaps in the market. It is also helps to reduce stretch marks, especially for pregnant mothers. The cocoa butter helps replace the lost moisture in the skin and restores its elasticity, making the stretch marks less visible.Honey has a sweet delicate scent. Itsoftens andmoistures the skin well, improves skin tone, remove dryness and keep theskin radiant and enriching. It adds therapeutic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to the soap.

Product Ingredients