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Punarnava through Roots n Flowers brings you the everlasting goodness of nature and Ayurveda.


Punarnava means ‘renewed’. Based on the unique concept of 'Precise Ayurveda', Punarnava, the ISO 9001-2008 certified Ayurveda Hospital provides advanced diagnosis and traditional Ayurveda treatments and therapies. Punarnava is the first NABH accredited Ayurveda Hospital in Kochi who also bagged the prestigious Green Leaf accreditation from Department of Tourism, Kerala Government, caring patients from more than 26 countries.

Besides leadership in its core area, Punarnava has strong presence in several other key sectors. Punarnava Nutraceuticals and Herbals Pvt. Ltd. concentrate on the making of classical ayurvedic medicines and its cosmetic division is engaged in the manufacturing of herbal cosmetic products under the brand name ‘Roots n Flowers’. Punarnava’s sister concerns, Travancore Builders and Travancore Tourism and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (TTH) are well-known for their products, services and quality in the respective industries.


Ayurveda is the way of life, a way of incorporating nature in common life. Ayurveda brings health and maintains harmony. It eliminates the root cause of various diseases. It prevents. It rejuvenates. It empowers. It balances your mind, body and soul. It adds health in beauty and beauty in health!

Nature, She’s unique

She inspires, rejuvenates and restores. She colours the day, restores the freshness, rebuilds the life and brings back the lost charm and appeal. Powerful! Beautiful! Energetic!

A reservoir of new beginnings!

She is a constant companion who always keeps us beautiful. In spring, a heavenly creator! In winter, a cooling agent! In autumn, a wise harvester! In summer, a warm blossomed benefactor!

Nothing is more fabulous, nothing is more beautiful than the goodness of Mother Nature.

Roots of goodness . Flowers of happiness

Deep in the roots where nature keep the source of inspiration. Feel the fragrance. Adore the goodness. And feel fabulous. Nature rejuvenates so quickly, so completely.

Punarnava brings you the richness of nature. Natural remedies for body, skin and hair! To refresh, rejuvenate, restore and revitalize.

What We Care

We bring you the core of nature. As one of the world’s most authentic and trusted medical system, Ayurveda uplifts you to the state of complete wellness. Stay natural. And nature will protect you.


Herbs have the potential to cure and to improve your appearance. Roots n Flowers brings you a chance to return to the herbal roots. Relish your beauty dreams and rejoice in the healthy radiance.

Roots n Flowers adds new spark in your life. It revitalizes your charm and helps your skin and hair to stay young. It restores your lost charm and appeal thereby makes you more confident and beautiful.

Roots n Flowers presents endless solutions for you. Our products are healthy choices that nourish your skin and hair. It regains your natural glow and helps you to rewrite your style statement.

Today’s generations are more aware about the goodness of nature. And no doubt, it’s getting worldwide recognition. Roots n Flowers presents the modern and easy to use version of the ancient herbal recipes.


The Ayurvedic preparations retouch your body and rekindle your beauty in the most effective way. The ingredients are carefully chosen to provide you ‘a complete and authentic herbal experience’.

Bath & Body care
Hair care
Skin care


Our products ensure complete satisfaction to the users. Whether it is body and wash, skincare or hair care products, Roots n Flowers assures you a never-before herbal experience.


Your comments and suggestions are always valuable to us. Feel free to write us about our products, your experiences, beauty tips and new ideas.

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